63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation (source: The Lenskold Group)

Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to increase sales and improve your conversion rate.

Setting up an automated process can also save you a huge amount of time and can including everything from maximising Customer Lifetime Value, database nurture, customer lead nurture to cart abandonment programs and personalised product recommendation.

If you nurture the customer back after their first purchase, there is a 54% chance they’ll make another purchase (source: Marketing Metrics)

What does a CLV Sales Funnel look like?

This is what is known as a sales funnel or a customer nurture funnel. Seems like a lot of work to do for just a single customer, right?

Well, with a little help from CRM technology such as ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Ontraport or even Mailchimp, you can actually automate the whole process and more often than not provide better and more personalised customer service than you could with a whole sales team of people.

Setting up Marketing Automation

Building an automated customer lifetime value funnel is one of the very first things you should do before spending any money on advertising.

Without this process in place to drive upsells, repeat purchases and referrals, for each dollar you are spending on advertising, you are leaving money on the table. 

How to get started

There are many agencies out there that charge well over $20,000 for full marketing automation sales funnel design and builds, using complicated CRMs that require experts to run them.

But for the majority of businesses, all the bells and whistles are just overkill.

What they really need are well-planned automated funnels that send deliver a personalised series of segmented messages designed to:

  • Nurture potential new customers
  • Engage and nurture current customers in your database to drive more repeat sales
  • Nurture and re-engage past customers and nurture them to new sales
  • Create an automated process for increasing advocacy and referrals

What we offer

At Walk Digital we specialise in making the process as easy, fast and painless as possible by:

  • Planning the strategy and customer journey
  • Recommending a content strategy
  • Recommending the best CRM for your needs
  • Setting it all up for you
  • Building the sequenced sales funnels and automation by segment
  • Setting up the analytics
  • Helping integrate with your website
  • Providing you with support and training
  • Certified ActiveCampaign Consultants

Walk Digital Certifed ActiveCampaign Partners

We work hard to make sure our customers receive a valuable tool that helps drive additional sales.

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“I wanted to set up an email nurture sequence for a new online service I was launching but had no idea how to go about this, and not being tech savvy found the whole idea extremely daunting. Luckily, I was referred to Walk Digital. I couldn’t have been happier with Chris and Georgia’s commitment to my business, their professionalism and their skill. Not only that, I found them extremely approachable – no question was too silly, even those I often repeated. Their combination of technical skill, copywriting, and marketing were perfect for my business and what I wanted to achieve, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. “

Marketing Automation Testimonial

Jenny Boss – Jennybossnutrition.com.au

Studies show those using automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50% (source: eMarketer)

Most people running a business know that they need a website. It is generally accepted that websites are a must-have tool.

Setting up marketing automation in the form of building a customer lifetime value automation tool customised to your business is just as important. That is if you want to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) that not only ensures you achieve a sustainable profit margin but also drives increased revenue and profit growth year on year.

A Sales Funnel provides higher returns for each year that you use it

The ‘Benchmarking Report Marketing Automation’ reported that businesses using marketing automation saw exponential growth in the 2nd and 3rd years of running nurture funnels, with return on investment growing with each year of use (2015)

Most companies that sell products or services through their websites focus most of their marketing budget on trying to get new customers to purchase their products.

But after you account for the money and time you spend on your digital advertising to attract these new customers, your profit margin is never going to be the best for that first purchase.  

Once you have scored that first sale, you need an easy process to needs to be on nurturing them into loyal lifetime customers and encourage them to refer their friends and family to you… All without spending another cent on advertising.

Key benefits of Marketing Automation

We can measure the value this brings known as Customer Lifetime Value or CLV.

  • Increase sales with improved conversion
  • Increase repeat purchases
  • Nurture potential customers not yet ready to buy
  • Build trust while saving time
  • Improve customer experience and customer service
  • Drive advocacy and encourage brand champions
  • Automating specific tasks and follow-ups reduce the risk of missing things and improve  customer service