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Walk Digital can help you build and maximise your customer database and CRM. Increase conversion and drive growth by attracting, engaging and nurturing both potential and existing customers. We make sure you are sending the right message at the time to increase conversions and create lifetime customers that become your brand advocates.

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At Walk Digital we provide full service social media marketing. We can provide management services for your social media channels including content as well as social media advertising and retargeting.

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Our eCommerce services are focused on not just driving traffic to your site but the complete customer journey from awareness through to purchase and then on to repeat purchase and referral.  This means more sales and a better ROI on advertising spend.  

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Content is king. We use creativity and original ideas that drive action, engagement with the aim of making you the hot brand people talk about at BBQ.

Through paid content discovery we can place your content as recommended news in the country’s top news sites. This a credible way to grow traffic and reach new audiences with your marketing content such as articles or videos.

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