Social media has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives, evolving from mere communication tools to platforms that influence our decisions, shape our culture, and transform our society. 


In Australia, this phenomenon is particularly pronounced. Recent data from August 2023 provides a vivid snapshot of how Aussies are engaging with these platforms. Let’s delve into the recent trends.


1. X Marks the Spot: The Rise of Twitter under Musk

While many have questioned his business choices since taking over Twitter, the metamorphosis of Twitter into ‘X’ under Elon Musk’s leadership has actually spurred growth on the global stage, with the current users being 250 million+. There are estimated 4 million Australian monthly active users – August 2023.

2. Australia’s Unwavering Love Affair with Facebook

With 60% of Australians actively using Facebook and half of the nation logging in daily, the platform remains a colossal force. That translates to a staggering 65% of the country’s 26 million-strong population. As of August 2023, here is a breakdown by age showcases a well-spread demographic engagement:

  • 13-17 years: 1.1 million
  • 18-25 years: 3.5 million
  • 25-39 years: 6.3 million
  • 40-55 years: 4.3 million
  • 55-64 years: 1.7 million
  • 65+ years: 1.5 million

3. YouTube: Australia’s Video Juggernaut

Approximately 18 million Australians, or roughly 2 out of every 3 individuals, visit YouTube monthly as of August 2023. This emphasizes Australia’s growing appetite for video content, a trend digital marketers can’t afford to ignore.

4. Emerging Platforms and Key Changes

While stalwarts like Facebook and YouTube dominate, newer platforms are making their mark:

  • TikTok’s Surge Amongst Teens: Especially in the 13-17 age bracket, TikTok is rapidly gaining traction. This wave of engagement points to the platform’s potential staying power.
  • Instagram Listens: The reintroduction of the ‘Likes’ feature in Australia, due to popular demand, and its optional nature, showcases Instagram’s adaptive approach to user preferences.

5. Snapchat’s Consistent Climb

Snapchat has not only solidified its place in the Australian social media landscape with 6.4 million monthly users but also boasts a commendable 4.5 million daily active users. 

6. Exploring Less Charted Waters

While platforms like Flickr, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon enjoy success in regions like the US, they haven’t captured the Australian zeitgeist in the same way. However, the Chinese diaspora in Australia is creating waves with tools like WeChat, RenRen, and Weibo, adding diverse layers to Australia’s digital milieu.

7. LinkedIn: More Than Just Professional Networking

Over 10 million Australians are registered on LinkedIn, with more than half actively engaging monthly. This showcases a shift from purely professional networking to broader social engagement.


Australia’s digital landscape is a rich tapestry of varied engagements. With such vast and diverse user engagement, brands and marketers must stay agile, continually adapting to the ever-evolving trends. As 2023 unfolds, it’s clear that understanding and leveraging these patterns will be crucial for anyone aiming to make an impact in the digital space down under.