Today Social Media News  posted their updated statistics, showing the most popular networks in Australia for May 2016.

63% of Australian’s logged on to Facebook in 2016,  15 million unique Australian visitors each month and an increase of 1 million per month from 2014.

YouTube was a very close 2nd, with 14.3 Million individual Australians using the platform to watch video content in May.

Social Media News reports “This year in general growth for the top sites has been much slower as these networks reach saturation point. However we still expect to see continued growth every month for both Facebook and YouTube at least. Twitter has not seen any significant growth for over a year now as they have trouble retaining users and getting existing users to frequently visit the site.”

Social Network definition for this report: A large mainstream brand that is built around user generated content, allows others users to connect with and follow users, and importantly the networks allow open discussion of topics.”

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