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we can increase your eCommerce Revenue
up to 600% in 6 months

At Walk Digital we are a hands-on agency and do it all for you. We use Klaviyo as a growth marketing tool to deliver the right personalised message at the right time based on the individual's actions, either browsing, purchasing or engaging with your emails or ads.

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We map the perfect customer journey, first attracting new customers, then automating & personalising their customer journey.

With Klaviyo, we can tailor your messages perfectly to each customer. The results are increased revenue, return on ad spend, increased basket sizes and loyal brand champions.

Results we're achieving for our clients


“Walk Digital’s expertise helped us take a small side project to an Australia-wide business with millions of dollars in product sales in our first year. ”

Kait Cummins
The Play Project

Basic - Done for You

$ 890 per month (+gst)
  • Basic includes:
  • 1 x price promotion offer per month
  • 2 x promotional emails per month
  • 1 x Newsfeed Promotional Ad for Facebook + Instagram
  • 1 x Stories/Reel promotional ad for Facebook + Instagram
  • 1 x Newsfeed posted on your organic Facebook and Instagram page
  • 1 x Stories/Reel posted on your organic Facebook and Instagram page
  • 1 x Google Ad
  • 1 x Monthly report + Recommendations
  • Conversion tracking
  • Advertising targeting new customers and lookalikes to your customers
  • Advertising retargeting people who have previously engaged or visited your website

Premium - Done for You

$ 1,090 per month (+gst)
  • Premium includes everything in Basic, PLUS:
  • Up to 10 additional emails for Seasonal Promotions annually
  • Up to 10 additional Newsfeed posted on your organic Facebook and Instagram page annually
  • Up to 10 additional Stories/Reels posted on your organic Facebook and Instagram page annually
  • Seasonal promotions can include

    • Black Friday
    • Christmas
    • Boxing Day
    • Mothers Day
    • Father Day
    • Valentines Day
    • End of Financial Year

Custom - Done for You

Custom Price contact for price
  • Customised Marketing Services for large businesses:
  • For growing teams in larger orgs looking to personalise their marketing at scale
  • Custom Advanced Reporting
  • Custom Tracking
  • Customised Advertising
  • Video Ad Creation
  • Broader Advertising Campaigns across suitable available channels
  • Reddit Advertising
  • TikTok Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
Google Pmax Image (3)

Google Shopping PMAX Setup Package

  • Set up of Google Account
  • Set up of products in Google Shopping
  • Set up of conversion tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Set up of Campaigns
  • Set up of audience targeting and Ad Sets 

Ecommerce Email Nurture Starter Package

  • Email Offer - to capture traffic and acquire email addresses
  • Lead Nurture Email Sequence - 4 x emails to convert email addresses to paying customers
  • Abandoned Cart - Best Practice Abandoned Cart emails to convert sales
  • Post purchase Nurture - 2 x emails to entice first time buyers into repeat purchases
Ecommerce Email Nurture Starter Package

How to Increase Customer Purchases and the Frequency of Repeat Purchases


Cart abandonment email sequence

Up to 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, so it is crucial to create a series of emails that gently drive the customer to complete checkout. Plus capture their email address at the time of initiating checkout.


Initial purchase nurture series

Over 90% of your visitors aren’t ready to buy. A well designed welcome email series is 3 times more effective at driving sales than normal newsletters or product emails, The key is to incentivise their first purchase.


Email people who repeatedly view a product

At this point they are ready to buy! You can track this with automation and send an email to motivate them with a message that the item is running low on stock, or with a shipping offer, code or discount.


Automate a review request email

Positive reviews help drive potential new customers to purchase. Almost 90% of shoppers trust product reviews as much as they trust a personal friend's recommendations. Automation is key here and means that it will all happen for you.


Automated appreciation emails

Following up is a classic because it works. It lets your customers know that you appreciate their business. By keeping the tone personal  you can inspire your customer to be a brand champion, which is essential for growing businesses.


Automated repeat purchase emails

Encourage customers to return for a repeat purchase. You can motivate return visits by sending a personalised automated email series with product recommendations, complemetary products or personalised sale products to entice them back.


Reward and delight your VIP customers

Delight valuable customers to turn them into brand champions who tell their friends and family how great you are. Set a target for a number of purchases or customer lifetime value and trigger a delight email with an unexpected gift or reward.


Re-engagement Emails

To achieve sustained growth you need to activate your database. Re-engage dormant subscribers by creating a win-back sequence. It could be a big discount on a product category they have engaged with or a cool competition. Just remember the subject line is critical.


Add free shipping incentive

This is a classic and always a winner for increasing the basket size and the order value. So much so that you may already be utilizing this strategy. If not, we’d recommend adding it to your store ASAP.

We can integrate all the platforms that you need to drive automated growth fast

Klaviyo integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto Commerce and more. We can also integrate your other platforms to make your customer journey more efficient and effective.

Klaviyo is an incredibly powerful tool to increase sales
To harness the full benefits that an automated system can deliver to your business to increase you might need a little help

Prices from $1200 for setup and automation
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3 ways to Increase your eCommerce Store Revenue

A well known marketer Jay Abraham broke new ground when he popularized the idea that there are
only three ways to grow revenue. When it comes to eCommerce, this is absolutely the case.


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Then just sit back and watch your revenue grow

Once you have all these growth drivers in place, you can then launch an advertising campaign that will really deliver and fast-track your ecommerce store’s growth exponentially. With all these factors working together it becomes a well-oiled sales conversion machine.

Prices from $900 for setup and automation
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Chris and Georgia at Walk Digital have been instrumental in building the presence and customer base of ChilliBOM over the last 5 years. We work with them collaboratively to develop an overarching plan and strategy and then we leave the rest up to them. The results speak for themselves, ChilliBOM has achieved consistent growth across every new campaign as the team learn and adapt, refining the targeting, channel and creative of each successive campaign to deliver improved metrics and the sales that come with it.

Rodney - ChilliBOM