Facebook are currently testing a new expansion of groups, to make online communities the centre of it’s platform. The new ‘Groups’ section is currently available by limited Facebook app users, but will now be broadened across the platform with a ‘Discover’ page for finding new communities.

A large proportion of Facebook users have not yet explored this feature and this change is a great move by the social giant, as it will mean more people joining groups and potentially opening up a whole new angle to user’s daily ‘social’ lives. It will allow users to more easily ‘discover’ and access groups of people with common interests and connect and engage with more new people in their community as well as increasing notifications. The desired result being that they become more active on the platform.

Opening a new angle in the daily lives of social users

Group genres can easily be searched and accessed such as ‘Food’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Funny’. The new ‘Discover’ feature also allows users to see what groups their friends have joined as well as showing the groups in the user’s local area.

But what does this mean for businesses?

The more users that join specific groups, the more information you have about their interests, making it easier to target them effectively. More active users on the platform also means more eyes on the screen more often, enabling you to reach them with your marketing messages. In other words… Happy days!