OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been a front-runner, continuously refining its capabilities to offer an enriched user experience. Among the newest features is the introduction of “Custom Instructions” for ChatGPT.

Here, we delve into the specifics of this feature and analyse the benefits it presents to users.

What are ChatGPT Custom Instructions?

Custom Instructions are a newly introduced feature that allows ChatGPT users to provide specific guidelines or instructions to the chatbot, which influences its responses. Essentially, it empowers users to personalise their AI chat experience.

Why is this better?

Previously, users had to repeat particular instructions in their prompts, such as requesting the bot to “Keep the tone of response formal” or provide answers that are “under 1,000 words.” With Custom Instructions, these preferences can be set once and retained across multiple interactions.

Setting Up Custom Instructions

Example User Profile

  •  Profession: Digital Marketing Specialist
  •  Specialisation: Social Media Campaigns
  •  Tone: Informative and Engaging
  •  Preferred Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  •  Response Length: Detailed

Custom Instructions

  1. Provide information and suggestions tailored to social media marketing.
  2. Emphasise best practices for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  3. Ensure that answers are both informative and engaging.
  4. Provide detailed explanations and strategies.

Example Interaction with Custom Instructions:

User: I need a strategy to boost engagement on my new product launch.

ChatGPT (using Custom Instructions): Of course. Here’s a detailed strategy focusing on your preferred platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  1. Instagram:

  • Teaser Content
    Start with teaser posts a week before the product launch. Use high-quality images and possibly a countdown to create anticipation.
  • Instagram Stories & Reels
    Utilise these features to showcase behind-the-scenes content about the product. Collaborate with influencers for takeovers or shoutouts.
  1. Facebook:

  • Facebook Events
    Create an event for the product launch. This can be a virtual event or a live stream.
  • Engaging Ad Campaigns
    Use carousel ads or video ads showcasing the product’s benefits. Target them to your primary demographic using Facebook’s robust ad targeting.
  1. LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Articles
    Write a detailed post about the problem your product solves. Share stories or testimonials.
  • Engage with Groups
    Share your content in relevant LinkedIn groups. Engage in discussions and answer queries.

The Benefits of Using Custom Instructions

  1. Personalisation
    At its core, Custom Instructions offer a more tailored AI interaction. Like the example site above, a teacher teaching fourth-grade maths, or a developer keen on a particular coding language can set these preferences, ensuring the AI caters to their specific needs.
  2. Efficiency
    For users who interact with ChatGPT regularly, reiterating the same context or specifications can be inconvenient. By setting a custom instruction, they can save time and avoid redundancy.
  3. Extended Applications
    The feature is designed to be compatible with plug-ins. This means users could get suggestions about restaurants, flights, and more based on their specified instructions and location.
  4. Improved API Training
    OpenAI has stated that the data provided through Custom Instructions will be instrumental in training its API models. This means that the AI will become better at adapting and understanding user requirements over time.
  5. Safety Measures
    OpenAI prioritises user safety. Custom Instructions are scanned using OpenAI’s moderation API to ensure that they don’t lead the AI to produce harmful or inappropriate content.
  6. Easy Opt-out
    While using Custom Instructions aids in the improvement of model performance, OpenAI respects user privacy. Anyone uncomfortable with their instructions being used for model training can opt-out via their data control settings.

Are Custom Instructions Available for Free Users?

No, Custom Instructions are only available for “Plus plan users.” However, this could change so potential users can ask ChatGPT for the latest updates regarding availability for various user tiers whenever you wonder to see if this changes.

Custom Instructions Feature

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has solidified its position by continuously enhancing user interactions, with the latest innovation being the “Custom Instructions” feature. This newly-introduced functionality not only streamlines user interactions by retaining specific instructions across multiple chats but also brings forth a more personalised and efficient chat experience. Whether it’s tailoring responses for educators, developers, or marketing professionals, the adaptability of ChatGPT is evident. 

Beyond customization, this feature, synergizing with plug-ins, opens a realm of possibilities, from restaurant suggestions to flight details. OpenAI’s commitment to both innovation and user safety is underlined by the moderation checks in place and by ensuring user data privacy. As AI continues to permeate everyday tasks, tools like Custom Instructions are emblematic of the strides being made to make technology more intuitive, user-centric, and efficient. However, it’s essential for users to stay updated with official channels to understand the accessibility of such features across different user plans.