Accurately measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts is crucial to achieving growth. In order for your business to achieve sustained revenue and profit, a process of careful conversion tracking is mandatory.

Many e-commerce stores use conversion tracking to measure the performance of their marketing activities, but there are still many online stores that are still not taking advantage of the important tools available to track Return On Investment (ROI).

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As you are no doubt aware, the App Store is a crowded place with around three million apps all vying for attention. This means that getting your app noticed among all the others in your category is a significant challenge.

In this article, we take a closer look at keyword optimisation for apps and at the practical steps, you can take to rank higher in your category, to encourage more users to convert by tapping the ‘download’ button.

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Facebook brings down the privacy wall and unlocks public sharing.

In a move that may be aimed at firing up their Stories feature, Facebook have now given their users the option to publish their Facebook Stories, not only to their friends, but also to the general public… just like Instagram and Snapchat.

Initially, this ‘public feature’ for Stories was only available to ‘social media stars and public figures’, but can now be used by every-day Facebook users. Although Facebook tried to keep it on the down-low, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the official change.

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Why is marketing automation critical for SME's

When done right, marketing automation can increase the conversion of potential customers into paying customers. It allows you to personalise your email, based on the specific message on your website that the potential customer has reacted to. This gives you important information about what they want and what their potential pain or passion points may be.

Conversions to sales are increased by ensuring potential customers receive the right type of message at the right time in their decision making process…

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With more and more Facebook users expected to join these groups, this means a bigger pool of potential customers for businesses. But how do you use these groups for you business without seeming like you are a shameless self promoter?

Most groups are private and run by the Facebook user that set them up. So you need to request to join and be accepted. Some admins may ask you some questions as they want to make sure you have a genuine interest in the group, so it is best that you join groups that are a good fit for you products and services or your geographic location. You want to make sure that you can genuinely add value to the conversations. If you are a retailer of children’s clothing for example there are countless Facebook Mother’s groups that you can join…

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Facebook have announced that they are now rolling out testing of Messenger Display Advertising globally, placing businesses display ads directly into a potential customer’s inbox. This move will give businesses a new and potentially more compelling way to reach people directly, selling their products and services straight from the Messenger App.

But should you use it for your business?

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