With the correct approach, marketing automation can be an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors. As well as increasing sales, marketing automation can also simplify the tasks of marketing teams to help them to meet their core objectives more efficiently.

As there is a significant degree of misunderstanding regarding what marketing automation actually is, let’s take a few moments to delve a little deeper into its inner workings and uncover precisely how it can help businesses in both the short and long term.

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Are you missing out on sales?
You have succeeded in building a steady flow of traffic to your website, but what happens then? Do the majority of your visitors then exit the site without making an inquiry?

This article will show you how a simple lead magnet with an automated email nurture sequence can give you are a real boost in sales.

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Why is marketing automation critical for SME's

When done right, marketing automation can increase the conversion of potential customers into paying customers. It allows you to personalise your email, based on the specific message on your website that the potential customer has reacted to. This gives you important information about what they want and what their potential pain or passion points may be.

Conversions to sales are increased by ensuring potential customers receive the right type of message at the right time in their decision making process…

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