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We Map, Automate & Personalise
Your Customer Journey

Automating your sales, business processes and email communications is the #1 most effective way to grow revenue, strengthening your
customer relationships and increasing the lifetime value of each of your customers.

Here at Walk Digital, we partner with businesses to plan & set up all their automations. We do this by automating your processes and creating compelling customer journeys that are not only personalised to the individual but are triggered automatically at the right time.  

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Track Your Prospects & Notify When Leads are Hot

Track your prospects actions on your website, emails & ads and notify sales team members when leads are hot


Personalise Email Based on Customer Interest & Action

Use personalisation to send customised emails based on to their specific interests and actions 


Automate Onboarding & Business Processes

Map and automate your processes & customer journey. From lead acquisition to sales & onboarding


Automate Your Referrals and Reviews

Automatically ask your customers for feedback, reviews & referrals... the right way, so only your happy customers get asked for reviews


Customer Journey Mapping & Builds

Specialists in customer journey mapping and user experience.  Map & automate your customer interactions. Increase your conversions & referrals


e-Commerce Deep Data Integrations

Boost your eComm conversions and repeat purchases by integrating ActiveCampaign directly with Shopify, Woo Commerce or Magento


Retarget on Social Media & attract New 'Like' Leads

Set up advertising custom audiences to retarget and reach new customers that are 'like' your best purchasers 


Conversion Tracking and Advertising ROI

Track your conversions to their source and see which activities are driving the most sales & return on investment


Integrate All Your Systems with ActiveCampaign

Integrate your emails, calendars, payments, advertising, platforms, reporting, Salesforce and more


ActiveCampaign is an incredibly powerful tool to increase sales
To harness the full benefits that an automated system can deliver to your business to increase you might need a little help

Prices from $900 for setup and automation
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"Since working with Walk Digital revenue has increased by over 30%."

We needed help designing and implementing our sales process and Automated Customer Journey in SalesForce and ActiveCamapign. These guys really know their stuff. Our increased response time, personalised customer focus and streamlined process have greatly increased conversions. Since working with Walk Digital revenue has increased by over 30%. We've now gone on to do multiple projects with them over the last 2 years to solve complex data problems, integrations and add newly acquired brands into our process. They have saved us countless hours by automating tasks that used to take the team weeks, and increased the accuracy of our reporting. They always go the extra mile and are a pleasure to work with.

- Mitchell McBeath, myHomecare Group

" It saves us so much time and the results have been amazing"

Walk Digital set up automated email funnels tailored to each client's actions and needs. So they are automatically sent a personalised email at the right time without us having to do anything. It works like ‘this person has done our partnership quiz so start sending them our partnership email sequence’, or ‘ this person is now due to apply for citizenship, so start sending the citizenship email sequence’. We used to have to do it all manually and it would be ad hoc and often get missed. It saves us so much time and the results have been amazing

- Louise Timpson Immigration

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Get More Recommendations and Reviews with Automation

Increase recommendations on social media, reviews and referrals with an automated advocacy sequence post-purchase.

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Personalised Email Marketing Based on Contact’s Activity

Use Site Tracking to automatically send the right email at the right time to your site visitors based on their browsing, repeat viewing of a page or an abandoned cart.

Fast responses can make or break a sale.


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CRM - Prioritise and Automate Sales Tasks

Automatically notify your sales team and assign tasks when a lead is getting hot using lead scoring.

Start a conversion email automation sequence when a lead reaches a set score. 

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Track Your Contacts Through the Sales Funnel

Use Site Tracking to see exactly what your contacts are doing so that you can follow up at the exact right time to increase your conversion from leads to paying customers.

Every login, play, and click is tracked to the contact.

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e-Commerce Deep Data Integration

With ActiveCampaigns it’s easy to increase customer lifetime value using automated sequences to drive purchase based on current or past purchases, browsing or cart additions.

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Conversion Tracking and Advertising ROI

See which activities are delivering you more leads and sales with attribution to make better business decisions.

Is social media or search more profitable?

What email campaigns are converting?

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ActiveCampaign deliverability is first-rate and is one of the best in the industry


A huge range of integrations with most platforms, software, apps, tools that you currently use

Mobile Optimised

Mobile-friendly emails that look great on every device

Who We Are

Here at Walk Digital we partner with businesses to set up all your automations and tracking to drive growth from just $900  We do this by creating compelling customer journeys that are not only personalised to the individual, but are triggered automatically at the right time when they are most interested. 

The result is more sales, better customer relationships with higher lifetime value to your business and best of all inspire loyalty and passionate advocacy.

Prices from $1200 for setup and automation
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Chris and Georgia at Walk Digital have been instrumental in building the presence and customer base of ChilliBOM over the last 5 years. We work with them collaboratively to develop an overarching plan and strategy and then we leave the rest up to them. The results speak for themselves, ChilliBOM has achieved consistent growth across every new campaign as the team learn and adapt, refining the targeting, channel and creative of each successive campaign to deliver improved metrics and the sales that come with it.

Rodney - ChilliBOM