The DO’s and DON’T’s of using facebook groups for business

The changes to the Groups Tab in Facebook means it’s easier than ever to find Facebook Groups made up of people with the same interests, or in the same geographic area. With more and more Facebook users expected to join these groups, there will be a bigger pool of potential customers for businesses.

“But how do you use these groups for you business without seeming like you are a shameless self promoter?”


“Add genuine value to the conversations.”

Most groups are private and run by the Facebook user that set them up. So you need to request to join and be accepted. Some admins may ask you some questions, as they want to make sure you have a genuine interest in the group. It is best that you join groups where you products and services or your geographic location are relevant to the members.

What to DO in the group

1. Check if it’s a fit for your business

Once joining a group, scroll through the posts to get a feel for the conversation style, you should be able to see early on if the group is a good fit. You want to make sure that you can genuinely add value to the conversations. If you are a retailer of children’s clothing for example there are countless Facebook Mother’s groups that you can join and let them know when you are having special events or a sale…Most mums love a bargain.

2. Introduce Yourself

Write a post introducing yourself. Explain that you are new tot he group and that this is your first post and ask for feedback and test see how people respond. For example if you are considering two options for advertising, find out which they prefer. Or if you are a service business and want to offer a promotion, ask which of your services they think would work best for a special offer. If people react positively and answer your question, it’s a good sign that the group has great potential for your business.

3. Thank group members for feedback

Be sure to like and thank people for their responses to your posts and ask further questions.

4. Be efficient

Try not to let yourself get lost in the groups and manage your time effectively, as you could spend hours a day (without getting results) if you strategy is not targeted. Set a limit of time per day and stick to it.

5. Use the search tool

Use the search tool to search for keywords within the group that specifically relate to your product or service. For example, for a interior design company, the searches might be “furniture” “renovation” “bathroom” etc.

What NOT to do in the group

Do not just drop in self promotion posts and then leave. That is the worst thing you can do in a group.

Do not answer people’s questions with a general ‘I can help you, contact me’ response. If you think your business can help, be very specific about how you can help and address the problem in a personal way.


If you can facilitate people coming together to help and support each other, you will build trust in your brand, attract new customers and create brand champions to grow your business.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of 5 easy ways to grow your business using Facebook Groups…