With over 2.5 million people using it worldwide, email is here to stay

Email marketing is an often overlooked business tool and one of the most cost effective ways to get your message to your customers.

But how do you cut through the email clutter?  Here are 4 things you can do to get your email marketing delivering you more sales.

1. Make it simple

Consumers get more emails and have shorter attention spans than ever before, so your email needs to cut through if you want to drive someone to a) open your email, and b) take action and click through.

Make sure your subject lines are short, punchy and relevant to your target markets’ pain or passion points. You should Include headline text with your key message to ensure they to read on, as well as easy to tap buttons with your call to action.

2. Make it mobile

Studies have shown that more people are now opening email on mobiles than on desktop. This means you need to make sure your emails are optimised. Your subject line needs to be able to be viewed fully and your key message needs to be clear at the top.

Once your potential customer does click through to your website, it is critical that your website landing page is also optimised for mobile. There is nothing worse than sitting on a train or at a cafe and having to manually zoom to try and navigate a website… most people can’t be bothered and so after all your good email marketing, you are likely to lose them at the finish line.

3. Make it personal

Studies have shown that a personalised subject line in your email will increase your open rate. So by simply including the receiver’s name, you will already be ahead. But there are many more ways that you can personalise, from including event or birthday emails to tailored special offers based on a consumer’s previous sales history. The more you personalise, the more you increase your chances of turning the email it into a sale.

4. Make it automated

Email automation is easier than you might think and it will significantly improve your email marketing performance in terms of conversions. There is the very basic automation, such as welcome and sign up offers, but with email technology now easier and more cost effective than ever, you should be taking automation to the next level to achieve a better return on investment.

Trigger your emails based on on your consumer’s specific actions:

  • Previous sales history
  • browsing habits
  • clicks
  • interests

This will allow you to provide tailored product recommendations and offers targeted to individual customers automatically, while you are busy doing something else.

In addition, cart abandonment emails and offers designed to move your customer to completing a sale can transform your email marketing to a serious revenue driver for your business.

Some level of automation, should be on every businesses To Do list. Extracting additional sales out of your existing database and creating advocates to share the word to their friends, is one of the most cost effective actions you can take as a business to achieve major growth.